Am I Legally Protected When Using Compliance Bar?

We are not lawyers and would always suggest that you consult with a qualified legal representative to ascertain if the templates provided in Compliance Bar are suitable and satisfactory for your business, country and website.

We have provided templates that have been created and approved by our own Internet Media Lawyers and deemed satisfactory for generic use. These templates are correct at the time of May 2014. If the law changes, we will update the templates within Compliance Bar accordingly.

If you want the contact information of our legal team to consult with them on your questions etc for this tool please raise a support ticket and we will put you in contact. Understand they are NOT free and will cost you money.

By purchasing a copy of the Compliance Bar plugin, you understand and agree that the provided policy content is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. ComplianceBar.com is not a law firm and is not providing legal advice. The information offered by ComplianceBar.com is not a substitute for the advice of your own attorney. No attorney-client relationship is established between ComplianceBar.com and you.

Do You Offer a Guarantee?

Yes we do. We actually offer a 200% guarantee. If your copy of ComplianceBar does not work within 30 days of purchase and we cannot fix it within 48hrs (Monday to Friday), we will refund you the purchase price PLUS the same again for your trouble! We can’t say fairer than that! We do NOT offer refunds under any other situation.


What Is The Difference Between A Personal, Business and Professional Licence?

A Personal license can be used on ONE site you own.

A Business license can be used on up to 25 sites you own.

A Professional license can be used on unlimited sites, including personal, friends, family and clients.

Can I Use Compliance Bar On Any Site?

Compliance Bar is currently only available as a WordPress plugin and will only work on WordPress websites. However, we are currently developing a standalone version that will work on any html based site. We do not have a completion date for this yet.

Will Compliance Bar Work Anywhere In The World?

Yes it will, but with regards to the templates, please see the first FAQ on this page

I have bought the Developer’s Licence. Will this enable me to flip sites with the plug-in on it?

No, sorry. The developers license will not allow you to flip sites with Compliance Bar installed.